Cameron High School (MO) Hosted a Flexbone Association Football Camp in 2013. They posted an 8-4 record in after going 5-25 in the previous three seasons. Their point total (340) was more than the previous two seasons combined.


I want to thank Scott and the Flexbone Association for all of their help this season. I am in my second season as the head coach at Cameron High School and had some turnover in my coaching staff. I had the opportunity to hire some new staff members and decided it was a good time to change the offense and commit to running the Flexbone offense the correct way. Scott ran a Flexbone Association Camp for us this past summer and it was the best move we could have made.

Cameron’s record the past 3 seasons were 1-8, 2-8, 2-9. We transitioned from the pistol; this past season we finished with a record of 8-4. Of the four losses; we lost by 3 points, by 6 points in overtime, and the other two losses were both to the eventual state champions. We scored more points this season than the past two seasons combined; and beat every spread team on our schedule. Last season we rushed for 1,919 yds. this season we rushed for 3,126. There is little doubt in my mind that this offense and Scott’s knowledge and dedication to the Flexbone offense, as well as, his dedication to helping our team was a big reason for our turn around this season.

Our players have really bought into the Flexbone system and have become a team that has confidence going into every game that our physical style of play will wear down their opponents. One of the benefits that often goes unnoticed, is how much it helped our defense by owning the time of possession. I would highly recommend the Flexbone Association Camps to anyone who is looking to maximize their offensive potential. In just three days our players had built a foundation on which they could build on throughout this season and for many seasons to come. 

– Jeff White Head Football Coach

In 2013 after their Flexbone Association Football Camp, the Whitko Wildcats won their 6th conference title in school history; improved from (4) wins to (6) wins and set school records for points per game (31.1) and total yards per game (358.9)


Thank you again for running a Flexbone Association camp for us this summer.  The kids and coaches really enjoyed the camp. The chance to  learn the Flexbone Association system in three days was amazing!  Going to the Flexbone gave us a renewed confidence and excitement.  I would definitely recommend running a Flexbone Association camp to any coach who is looking to run the Flexbone Offense.  It is a great way to learn the system and hit the ground running. As a first year head coach, I was thrilled!

— Josh Mohr Head Football Coach

Key West High School (FL) hosts a 2012 Flexbone Association State Championship Football Camp, switches to the offense after Mike Leach serves on staff during previous season as offensive consultant, breaks the school record for rushing yards in a season, improves win total, and scores 90 more points in 2012.


“As a first year head coach, hired a few weeks before the start of spring practices, I knew there would be many challenges that I would face heading into my first campaign.  One of those challenges would be to install an offense that I was convinced would ‘level the playing field’ for my team.  Our district has produced a Florida State Championship Team in 5 of the last 8 years, including last year’s 15-0 Miami Norland team that produced several FBS scholarship players (our team has produced 2 FBS scholarship players in the past 12 years).

I knew that in order to compete and beat these types of teams from Miami, we needed a better offense.  I knew the Flexbone was that offense. There was resistance and skepticism at first from the community, especially since we had been running a Mike Leach style ‘Air Raid’ offense that Mike Leach himself helped install during his stay in Key West.

As the season went on, the offense went from being called a ‘middle school offense’ to a source of pride for the team and the community.  While we lost to Miami Norland (27-20), we had over 400 yards of offense (350+ rushing) against a defense that MaxPreps called the best in Florida and maybe the country.  We also broke the school record for rushing yards in a season (over 3,300 yards) despite having an offensive line that just averaged over 200 lbs (all of our opponents had defensive linemen that averaged 285-290 in the middle and 245-255 on the edges).  We expect to break that mark again next year, once again with the help of the Flexbone Association and their camp.

There is no question that the information and instruction that Scott provided us with during our 3-day camp, helped our offense advance to another level and set school records in our first year.  Thanks again Scott for all your help.  See you in the summer!”

– John Hughes, Head Football Coach

In 2012, after their Flexbone Association Football Camp, North Mason (WA) improved from one (1) win in 2011 to five (5) wins in 2012 and made the playoffs for the first time in 18 years.


“What can I say about the Flexbone Association and Scott? The Flexbone Association has helped our program take huge strides in becoming a consistent and successful program for years to come. We have run two camps at our school. The first camp we were able to put down a base foundation of the system and the second camp allowed us to take the next step. We came off of a 1-9 season year one and then went 5-5 in year two and made it the playoffs for the first time in 18 years.

Scott’s leadership has challenged our staff to grow as coaches and we have continued to become better coaches since our first phone conversation. The Flexbone system has allowed us to play with less talented and fewer players than the teams we play against in our league and be competitive and successful against these bigger schools that double our enrollment. It has help make our more intelligent football players because they practice against all defenses everyday and understand how to read what the defense is doing and make adjustments on the fly. Thanks again.”

– Jeff Bevers, Head Football Coach

In 2012, After Hosting their Flexbone Association Football Camp, Reedsburg (WI) Improved their Win Total from Two (2) Wins to Six (6) Wins and Won a Playoff Game.


“We hosted a Flexbone Association Camp at Reedsburg HS last summer, because we wanted a camp where we got the most bang for our buck.  The guys at the Flexbone Association were very accommodating and worked with our schedule.  Our players were able to eat and sleep at home, go to work, get in their lifting, and receive quality instruction and a lot of repetitions in a short period of time.  Scott Jazdzewski and crew did an excellent job of keeping things simple and coaching up the details.  The result was a playoff berth for the first time in 3 years.”

– Brian Pottinger, Head Football Coach

Before 2011, Prince of Peace Academy (TX) had never won a playoff gameAfter running a 2011 Flexbone Association Football Camp, they broke the school record for most wins in a season (9), they won their first playoff game in school history, and they advanced to the TAPPS Division 3 State Quarterfinals  They did all this with 26 players on the roster in grades 9-12.


“During the summer of the 2011 season, we brought in the Flexbone Association to run our summer camp.  As a staff, and a team, we were able to get back to the basics of the triple option offense.  In 2011 we went 9-3 and lost in the state quarterfinals.  We broke every rushing record that we had set the previous season.  If you are just starting down this path or have been running the triple for a long time, you will benefit from these camps.

In five years working with the Flexbone Association, my overall coaching record is 47-14.  In the second year of this offense (at Canyon Creek Christian Academy), we won the TAPPS State Championship and repeated again the following year. Thanks to these guys I have two beautiful rings to wear on my fingers!

— Larry Thexton, Head Football Coach

From 2008-2010, Rushville-Industry HS (IL) possessed a 23-game losing streak.

After running a 2011 Flexbone Association football camp, Rushville-Industry (IL) broke the losing streak, won three (3) games, and came within one win of qualifying for the playoffs.


“From the pain of having to validate my ability as a coach in November 2010, to my first Gatorade bath in September 2011, the Flexbone Association was a tremendous help.

Last November, I stood in front of a seven-member school board trying to explain why our team had lost 23 straight games.  After 30 people spoke on my behalf, the board decided to keep me as head football coach.

At this point, I started trying to figure out what to do to make my belief in the triple option show more tangible results on the field. Immediately, I scheduled a 2011 Flexbone Association Football Camp. I was very pleased with the results. First, my players had a new belief in what our staff had been teaching. Scott Jazdzewski, Flexbone Association Founder/Owner, as camp director, helped our kids believe.

The camp had tremendous benefits for our coaching staff. We all learned new things, we were reminded of the merit of what we were already doing, we came out of the camp feeling better about the plays we installed, and we were feeling confident in HOW we installed them. Finally, the drills we learned that were made specifically for this offense were extremely helpful. Each drill was specific in its intent and how it was run. Players and coaches both saw exactly how the drill fit into the offense. The Ball Security Circuit alone was worth the investment.

Also, we had a senior who moved to fullback for the first time, and the camp got him ‘up to speed’ so that he was ready for fall camp. He went on to rush for almost 900 yards in his only year at the position. Our 3-6 record was a tremendous improvement and the Flexbone Association Football Camp was a big part of that.

Next year, we look to go to the playoffs.”

– Mike Bickerman, Head Football Coach

Before the 2010 season, Grayson County HS (KY) had not won a playoff game in 26 years.

In 2010, Grayson County HS (KY) participated in a 2010 Flexbone Association Football Camp, won their first playoff game in 26 years, and averaged 35 points/game in 2010.


“The 2010 camp really helped our quarterbacks with the details of the footwork and the reads–our slot backs developed mechanics and angles, which made a big difference.  The Flexbone Association Football Camp helped our kids and I encourage ANYBODY who is implementing the offense for the first time to run a camp with all of your staff and kids.”

— Ed Smart, Head Football Coach 

In 2012, Whitefield Academy (GA) went from four (4) wins to six (6) wins after their Flexbone Association Football Camp.


“The final piece of the puzzle came when we held a Flexbone Association Camp for our team this past summer. The instruction our players received were key to their installation and understanding of the triple option attack. Our coaches also greatly benefited from experiencing firsthand the teaching and drills that were implemented–Absolutely one of the best decisions we made as we prepared for installing our new offense.”

–Jimmy Fields, Head Football Coach

Before the 2010 season, Straughn had not won 10 games in a season since the previous millennium.

In 2010, Straughn HS (AL) went to the second round of state playoffs in Alabama and won 10-games in a season for the first time this millennium–after participating in a 2010 Flexbone Association Football Camp.


“We ran veer and midline in 2009, but by attending The Flexbone Association Camp this summer, we reached new heights in our 2010 season.  The fundamentals our players learned helped us earn our second 10-win season in school history, finish runner-up in our region, and advance to the second-round of our state playoffs.”

– Trent Taylor, Head Football Coach

In 2009 and 2010, Simley HS (MN) won a grand total of three games.

In 2011, Simley HS (MN) hosted a Flexbone Association Football Camp, doubled their win total from the previous season, and won a playoff game.


“I was not an expert, nor am I now in the Flexbone offense. This prompted me to go to Chicago for the Flexbone Association Clinic and host a 2011 Flexbone Association Football Camp with Coach (Mark) Kleinpeter over the summer. The help from the Scott Jazdzewski and from Coach Kleinpeter was unbelievable. The program I took over had won three games in the previous two seasons and had not scored more than 25 points in any of their games. Last season had 1500 yards in total offense in their nine games.

Fast forward to this season—We were able to host a playoff game which we won 49-13. We almost doubled the point total from a season ago. We had 2573 total yards of offense (2282 rushing) through nine games—4 passing touchdowns in 19 completions.

I remember Coach Kleinpeter saying, ‘Just stay with it and you will start to see it working.’ It started, and it is a great foundation for our program.”

– Rex King, Head Football Coach

Before 2011, Santo HS (TX) had not been to the playoffs since 1995.

In 2011, after running a Flexbone Association Football Camp, Santo went to the Texas 1A playoffs.


“I came to Santo five years ago with the task of turning around a program that had only been to the playoffs three times in its history.  The first couple of years were rough, but a foundation was forged by a group of tough players.  In our third year we committed to the Flexbone and began to develop our option game.  Prior to this past year we teamed up with the Flexbone Association and had them conduct a camp for our players.

This past season marked the first time in 16 years that our program has qualified for the playoffs.  We anticipate that this is just the tip of the iceberg for our program.  I am a huge proponent of the Flexbone and have a lot of respect for the Flexbone Association and their camps.  More importantly, our players believe in it and the Flexbone Association has had a lot to do with instilling that pride in our athletes.”

–Randy Thornton, Head Football Coach

In 2011, Pacelli Catholic HS (GA) went 1-9 and scored 80 points in 10 games.

After running a 2012 Flexbone Association Football Camp, Pacelli went 4-6, had over 3,000 yards of total offense, and scored 246 points.


“In 2011, I took over as the head football coach of the St. Anne-Pacelli Vikings in Columbus, GA.  The team was coming off of an 0-10 season in 2010 and ranked next to last in the entire state and only fielded 19 players (the school enrollment is 185 and is the smallest school playing GHSA football in Georgia). Our staff was able to revive the weight program, do some renovations, and was fortunate enough to have a large freshmen class (23 players). We implemented the flexbone and was able to snap a 23-game losing streak. with 8 freshmen starting on defense and five on offense and competing in one of the toughest regions in Class A in Georgia.  (1-9 finish in 2011)

In 2012, we called upon the Flexbone Association and our kids improved tremendously.  Still fielding a very young team, we improved to 4-6.  Our offense totaled over 3000 yards of offense against some of the States best. Flexbone Association camps refine “the basics” of what you need to be a great option football team.  I highly recommend their services.”

Randy Grace, Head Football Coach

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