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Cameron Surpasses Win Total from Last Three Seasons After Their Flexbone Association Camp

I want to thank Scott and the Flexbone Association for all of their help this season. I am in my second season as the head coach at Cameron High School and had some turnover in my coaching staff. I had the opportunity to hire some new staff members and decided it was a good time […]

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Managing the Utility of Rocket Toss: Part Four

Managing the Utility of Rocket Toss: Part Four This first part of this series posed the idea that  Rocket Toss is a play that can be overused and used for the wrong reasons. The second installment looked at why the play can lose it’s utility. The third part of the series examined how the Freeze Technique and […]

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Triple Option Errors: Offensive Line

Nothing can be more frustrating than watching an option team abandon Triple Option at the first sign of trouble. If you are a Flexbone team I implore you to work on fixing the problems your offense faces before succumbing the the knee-jerk reaction of running something else. Here are the biggest errors high school football […]

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