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The Two Schools of Play-Action Pass Protection

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Cameron Surpasses Win Total from Last Three Seasons After Their Flexbone Association Camp

I want to thank Scott and the Flexbone Association for all of their help this season. I am in my second season as the head coach at Cameron High School and had some turnover in my coaching staff. I had the opportunity to hire some new staff members and decided it was a good time […]

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Managing the Utility of Rocket Toss: Part Four

Managing the Utility of Rocket Toss: Part Four This first part of this series posed the idea that  Rocket Toss is a play that can be overused and used for the wrong reasons. The second installment looked at why the play can lose it’s utility. The third part of the series examined how the Freeze Technique and […]

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The Southern Speed Factor – What to do on the Backside of Play-Action Pass

I used to coach this offense and run these camps, and we wouldn’t spend all that much time at all on the technique of the backside receiver on play-action pass. Usually the instruction consisted of, “just have him run a dig, you might throw it to him twice a season”. Since moving down south I’ve […]

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Duke Braces for Another Bout with an Option Offense

DURHAM — On paper, Duke defensive end Kenny Anunike explains, the Navy triple option offense he’ll face Saturday is easy to break down. “It’s not very complicated; it’s really just assignment football and everyone just knowing who they have,” Anunike said. “If you have pitch, take pitch. If you have the quarterback, take the quarterback. If […]

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The One Must in the Play-Action Passing Game

No matter what you want to call this play in your terminology it is of the utmost importance the a playside (post-wheel) pass is utilized off triple option play action. I will not cover play action pass protection in this article. That’s the topic of another article due to the comprehensive nature of the protection […]

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