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Flexbone Formations: Use a Little Trips to Run Midline

Trips Midline Rules PSWR – Stalk PS A-Back (Middle Receiver) – Stalk PS A-Back – Lead through B-gap, block 2nd level threat to safety PST – High Pressure Control PSG – Veer to PSLB to BSLB C- Base-Reverse Ace BSG- Short Scoop-Reverse Ace; BST- Scoop BSWR- Cutoff QB –  Read #1 B-Back- Midline track Trips […]

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Navy Performance Markers

Previously at the Navy Football Coaches Clinic, Ivin Jasper, Navy Offensive Coordinator, laid the Blueprint for Success to guest coaches.  He did a Powerpoint presentation exclaiming that if football programs want to have an offense like Navy’s, they must accomplish the following four goals every game: 1. Win the Time of Possession #1 in the […]

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Leverage Pitching

There is a better method for executing the 2nd phase of the triple option. First, let me ask this, how many times you have heard the following phrase. “If you run Flexbone, your quarterback takes too many hits, he’s going to get injured, and now your best player is sitting on the bench.” I have […]

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Citadel Tabs Lenoir-Rhyne’s Mike Houston as Next Head Coach

In a strange twist, Lenoir-Rhyne University announced today that Mike Houston will be The Citadel’s new football coach. A Citadel official said that no announcement from The Citadel is likely until Thursday. The Post and Courier reported Tuesday night that Houston had agreed to become the Bulldogs’ new coach, replacing Kevin Higgins, who resigned on […]

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What Motivates You: Autonomy

As a husband, father, coach, teacher and business owner, I am always looking for ways to improve. I’m sure you are as well, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. A book I heard about several months ago, and finally decided to pick up during the Christmas break is Drive by Daniel Pink. The premise of […]

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Can Georgia Southern Survive Without the Option?

I saw this article today. It speculates that Brent Pry (Vanderbilt) is a leading candidate at Georgia Southern. It brings up several interesting points. I think Ivin Jasper is the best candidate they can hire. By Donald Heath Georgia Southern’s coaching search will be winding down with the completion of college football. And many of the […]

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Triple Option Errors: The Skill Positions

Click here for a previous article for Triple Option Errors: Offensive Line 1. Receiver is unable to identify if the coverage is Cover 2. Identifying coverage is one of the most important tasks Wide Receivers and A-Backs must master. Against Cover 2, the A-back blocks the corner and the WR blocks the safety coming over […]

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