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The Two Schools of Play-Action Pass Protection

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Managing the Utility of Rocket Toss: Part Three

The first part of this series posed the idea that Rocket Toss is a play that can be overused and used for the wrong reasons. It has been seen as a cure all for an offense struggling to gain yards. The second installment of the series examined what reasons Rocket Toss can become an ineffective play, […]

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Why Over Brown is a Great Formation

In a previous post, I wrote about what Over Green is a Great Formation. Over (LT/RT) Green gives you a number of advantages. I like the formation especially against a 4-4 defense. Changing formations is especially effective against 8-man fronts rather than 7-man fronts. Eventually those 8-man fronts will realize they are outnumbered against Over […]

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Coach Your Quarterback These Points to Reduce His Risks

The quarterback reduces the risks of executing an option play by adhering to several option rules. The option rules are part of the quarterback’s option technique: Your offensive coordinator and or quarterback coach has to cover every single one of these points with the quarterback, and be 100% certain the quarterbacks are able to reduce […]

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Read the Action Key for More Yards on the Dive Phase of Inside Veer

I recently wrote about having your fullback read the action key. Today I’ll expand on that idea in more detail. When coaching the Flexbone B-Back, there are two main theories of thought about how to coach the B-Back to enter and exit the line of scrimmage. The conventional theory holds that the B-Back must run […]

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How to Attack the 4-3 Under Defense Part One

A common defense played either at the high school or college level is the 4-3 Under defense (as diagrammed below) 4-3 Under The first thought you must have when game planning any defense is how are they doing to defend triple option? Who will we be reading when we run our plays in either direction? […]

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Why Over Green is a Great Formation

One of the most basic formations in the Flexbone Offense is the Over formation. What this formation does is place both receivers on the line of scrimmage on the same side of the formation (as shown below) Over Although this is a great formation, it does have some limitations. The purpose of running over is […]

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