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What Motivates You: Purpose

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What Motivates You: Mastery

As a husband, father, coach, teacher and business owner, I am always looking for ways to improve. I’m sure you are as well, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. A book I heard about several months ago, and finally decided to pick up during the Christmas break is Drive by Daniel Pink. The premise of the […]

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You Need Midline Triple Against Double Eagle

One of the many questions I’m asked seemingly at least once a week is, “what defense gives you the most trouble?” Here are some thoughts on practice scenarios and game planning. A few  defenses that coaches shudder to see are either the 3-3 defense or 5-3 defense, especially 5-3 double eagle defenses. We didn’t see […]

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Greenwood High School, KY (Assistant Coaches Needed)

Greenwood (KY) Is looking for assistant coaches. Chris Seabolt has run camps for me in the past, and I consider him a great friend. He’d be a great guy to work with. Greenwood High School located in Bowling Green Kentucky is looking for offensive assistant coaches for the upcoming season. We are a 5A school […]

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When to Run Trap

A quality Flexbone coordinator has to understand how plays fit together. The Flexbone is a system offense. You need to have Counter Option in your arsenal. There are two adjustments that you need to have to be sure you can effectively run Counter Option.  One is the Eagle adjustment, the other is Trap.  We often […]

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Flexbone Association December Mailbag

I am a little late in posting this one, in fact I’ll be able to put up the January mailbag here pretty soon as well. Here are the mailbag responses from November. I’ll will provide as concise answers as possible. Question One – From Utah – …..Against a 4-4 with two 2is two tight 5s […]

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As rated by number of hits (Click for Links) Your Quarterback and the Decision Making Process: Understanding the Perimeter (7-Man Fronts with Soft Corners) – January 8th Three Requirements of a Flexbone Team – January 10th So You Want to be the Best Triple Option Coach in the Nation – January 16th The Art of […]

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