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The Southern Speed Factor – What to do on the Backside of Play-Action Pass

I used to coach this offense and run these camps, and we wouldn’t spend all that much time at all on the technique of the backside receiver on play-action pass. Usually the instruction consisted of, “just have him run a dig, you might throw it to him twice a season”. Since moving down south I’ve […]

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Read the Action Key for More Yards on the Dive Phase of Inside Veer

I recently wrote about having your fullback read the action key. Today I’ll expand on that idea in more detail. When coaching the Flexbone B-Back, there are two main theories of thought about how to coach the B-Back to enter and exit the line of scrimmage. The conventional theory holds that the B-Back must run […]

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How to Attack the 4-3 Under Defense Part One

A common defense played either at the high school or college level is the 4-3 Under defense (as diagrammed below) 4-3 Under The first thought you must have when game planning any defense is how are they doing to defend triple option? Who will we be reading when we run our plays in either direction? […]

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