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Good Stuff From the Weekend Volume 2

Here are some clips from the second weekend of the 2018 season. I really like Toss out of a condensed formation. Here the WR seals #2. The A-Back has the CB, now this only works if the OT can get to the safety. #KSU has a good one#FearTheVeer — Scott Jazdzewski (@FlexboneCoachJ) September 9, […]

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Good Things from the Weekend Volume 1

I’ll try to make this a regular thing as much as possible, but here are some clips from the weekend, along with just a bit of analysis! Marshall does a good job of making the pitch once he has leverage on #2 #Flexbone #FearTheVeer — Scott Jazdzewski (@FlexboneCoachJ) September 2, 2018 Here is @GeorgiaTechFB […]

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Common Flexbone Sprint Out Pass Protection Problems

The Sprint Out Passing game is not unique to football, but the pass blocking on the sprint out game in the Flexbone Offense is. The most common problems that Offensive Line make are the following: No punch/set, just trying to down block or base block defender on/inside. This is a huge mistake because they will open […]

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How to Create a Dominant Offensive Line

Five Ways to Create Your Very Own “Hogs” with the Flexbone Triple Option The best way to create a productive, year-in-and-year-out offensive line is to stop blocking everyone and let the quarterback and B-back read your way out while mastering a few blocking drills. Be sure you are prioritizing your offensive approach. ___________________________________________ 1-Allow the […]

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Situational Flexbone

Running the Offense with Different Formations – Running the Triple out of Over, Heavy, Double Flex, Green, Brown, and even Trips must be practiced prior to week one. Don’t go into week one without practicing something you will need.  Coaching the Sequence – Call the Offense unscripted. See who makes the tackle and come back with […]

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How Much Do You Really Need to Throw?

This is more of a philosophical question and requires a deeper answer. There are a few things that you need to answer first. The first question would be, why do you want to throw the ball. What is the purpose, how does it fit your personnel? Why – The reason you want to throw the […]

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Don’t Just Because You Can

I’ve been running this offense for a number of years, been a proponent of it for longer, and have spoken with coaches about it’s implementation for a number of years.  I’ll start the article with an aside then get into what I really want to write about.  Invariably the conversation always comes down to “how […]

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