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Coach Niumatalolo 2009 WFCA Clinic Notes

 Keys to a Successful Offense (1) an identity – this is the same offense we ran in 1987 at Hawaii (2) a “philosophy  –          run the ball –          control the clock (time of possession – we want opponent to have 8 series max) –          pass for big plays (throw it over their heads) –          have […]

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75% of the Run Game is Four Plays

Ashley Ingram, Navy Centers and Guards Coach stated at the 2011 Navy Football Coaches Clinic that 75 percent of the Flexbone Offense and 75 percent of practice time needs to be dedicated to four plays.  Those four plays are Triple Option, Midline Option, Zone Dive, and Counter Option.  Coach Ingram stated that the Triple Option is a play […]

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Flexbone Formations: Use a Little Trips to Run Midline

Trips Midline Rules PSWR – Stalk PS A-Back (Middle Receiver) – Stalk PS A-Back – Lead through B-gap, block 2nd level threat to safety PST – High Pressure Control PSG – Veer to PSLB to BSLB C- Base-Reverse Ace BSG- Short Scoop-Reverse Ace; BST- Scoop BSWR- Cutoff QB –  Read #1 B-Back- Midline track Trips […]

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Coach Niumatalolo 2008 Nike Clinic Notes

Keys to Successful “O” 1. Philosophy 2. Have a package 3. Can you fix it? 1. Philosophy We are running the ball. We THROW for big plays. We have a packaged system. We practice the same plays every week and get great at it–KISS! 2. Package We are a triple option offense FIRST! Everything we […]

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Managing the Utility of Rocket Toss: Part Five

The last installment of this series will examine ways to counter a defense that is running their five technique wide on the toss action or scraping their linebackers hard over the top. Parts one through four are here (Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four) When we first look at a five technique running […]

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Managing the Utility of Rocket Toss: Part Four

Managing the Utility of Rocket Toss: Part Four This first part of this series posed the idea that  Rocket Toss is a play that can be overused and used for the wrong reasons. The second installment looked at why the play can lose it’s utility. The third part of the series examined how the Freeze Technique and […]

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Use The Load Scheme as an Alternate Against 4-3 Defenses

The 4-3 defense is a popular one against Flexbone Offenses. Turn on Navy, Georgia Tech, Georgia Southern or any other Flexbone team, and there is a pretty good chance the defense is playing a 4-3 scheme against it. There are also a variety of ways to play the 4-3, the defense can play 4-3 Under, […]

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