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Flexbone Offensive Backfield Sprint Out Passing Game Rules

Quarterback The Quarterback takes a step with PS foot at 5 or 7 o’clock, brings ball to under the chin with both hands and turns belt buckle to sideline. Second step should continue on the 5 or 7 o’clock path and QB drives until he gets to 7 yards deep, where he will begin to […]

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Common Flexbone Sprint Out Pass Protection Problems

The Sprint Out Passing game is not unique to football, but the pass blocking on the sprint out game in the Flexbone Offense is. The most common problems that Offensive Line make are the following: No punch/set, just trying to down block or base block defender on/inside. This is a huge mistake because they will open […]

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Flexbone Half-Roll Passing Game Protection

Half roll protection is when the backfield action mimics the Sprint Out series, but the Offensive Line blocks similar to regular play action protection. The PSG and PST are aggressive in their protection. We try to have them attack the DL if they are covered. They need to form a wall frontside, because the QB […]

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You Need Midline Triple Against Double Eagle

One of the many questions I’m asked seemingly at least once a week is, “what defense gives you the most trouble?” Here are some thoughts on practice scenarios and game planning. A few  defenses that coaches shudder to see are either the 3-3 defense or 5-3 defense, especially 5-3 double eagle defenses. We didn’t see […]

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The Eagle Adjustment to Counter Option

As discussed on this site previously, Counter Option is a basic staple of the Flexbone Offense. Counter Option is to be run when the backside linebacker is making the tackle on the dive phase of Triple Option. There will be occasions throughout the year however when the Backside Linebacker is running to the playside, but Counter Option […]

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X and O Labs Midline Article

I submitted this short article to X and O Labs to include in their option survey. Mike Kuchar asked me to submit a formation package and the advantage it gives us on either midline or triple. Last week I wrote about some very basic purposes of utilizing different formations. Changing formations can give you an advantage […]

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When to Run Trap

A quality Flexbone coordinator has to understand how plays fit together. The Flexbone is a system offense. You need to have Counter Option in your arsenal. There are two adjustments that you need to have to be sure you can effectively run Counter Option.  One is the Eagle adjustment, the other is Trap.  We often […]

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