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Don’t Enable Your Quarterback

 Make your Quarterback run the Triple Option and Midline Triple Option. You and your Quarterback have to be comfortable with this player being responsible for two defenders on each and every snap. It does take time to work. Executing Triple Option on Friday’s requires hours of work before hand. If you aren’t comfortable investing this much time in […]

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Your Quarterback and the Decision Making Process: Understanding the Perimeter (7-Man Fronts With Soft Corners)

I have written extensively about Quarterback play already covering the intangible traits your quarterback must possess, the variables you must take into consideration when developing your quarterbacks, as well as some points to teach your quarterback to reduce his risks. Entwined in those writings has been a line of thought I’ve expounded upon in the […]

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Flexbone Association: Facilitates Mental Toughness

Coach-Athlete Relationship At your 2014 Flexbone Association Football Camp, we train your coaches to effectively coach your players through the universally accepted Flexbone Offense techniques. Using the drills delivered by the Flexbone Association will pave the way for your team to develop the neccessary skills and physical attributes to execute the Flexbone Offense with success. This […]

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Your Quarterback and the Decision Making Process: Pre-Snap Decisions

Previously I wrote about your quarterback and the decision making process. No matter the field of study it’s vital that the learner in any case, the quarterback in this case in particular obtain background knowledge on the subject. When executing this offense on any Friday night, the quarterback must be able to understand what he […]

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Intangible Traits Your Flexbone Quarterback Must Possess

The quarterback is the single most important catalyst for the Flexbone Offense to be successful. There are certain characteristics your quarterback will need. Many of these can be trained into the quarterback. Some cannot. The guidance you provide your quarterback through his decision making process is vital. Your program needs to develop these quarterbacks from […]

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Flexbone Quarterback Development Considerations

The Relationship With Your Quarterback As stated briefly last week, the Quarterback has to be your natural extension on the field. The relationship you build with this one player will define your season. As your quarterback goes, so goes your offense. You must be willing to train and lead this young man as if he […]

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