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Managing the Utility of Rocket Toss: Part One

Yesterday I wrote briefly about the basics of Rocket Toss. The Rocket Toss has been widely used after its incorporation into the Flexbone Offense.  The toss is now seen as sort of a poor man’s elixir for bad offense. Although I have not analyzed every single Navy or Georgia Tech snap this season, I did […]

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Why Flexbone Is Better Than Split Back Veer

I couldn’t find the old article written probably two years ago, but since I’ve been asked today by an interested camp client, I decided to once again make clear why the Flexbone Offense is a much better offensive system than the Split Back Veer. These are not in an order of most to least important. […]

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What Troubles Your Offense?

What most troubles your offensive production? What problems do you face that are most difficult to solve? What aspect of the offense are you weakest at? Contact the Flexbone Association and let us know. Your question might become the subject of a future article.

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Why You Must Commit to the Flexbone Offense Part Five – It Makes Game Planning/Film Study Easier

I had a little hiatus from the Flexbone Association this weekend. I drove from Alabama, back to Wisconsin and back again from Saturday morning to Monday night. Now that I’m back in Alabama I’m back in action. In an ongoing series of articles, I will cover the poigniant reasons that coaches should adpat the Flexbone […]

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Navy Breakdown Against Notre Dame: Fourth Quarter

The Navy offense played exactly the type of game they needed to play last Saturday to come away with the win in South Bend. They controlled the ball, controlled the clock and the pace of play. They also had zero turnovers and zero penalties. Navy finishes with 70 carries for 331 yards, 6-9 passing for […]

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Navy Breakdown Against Notre Dame: Third Quarter

Navy fought Notre Dame tooth and nail for four quarters on Saturday. They came up on the short end of a 38-34 contest as their final drive stalled in Notre Dame territory. Navy’s offense proved to be efficient in the first half. Their two first quarter drives (analysis here) produced a touchdown and a punt. […]

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Navy Breakdown Against Notre Dame: Second Quarter

I wrote yesterday about the tremendous gameplan and execution the Navy offense in their narrow defeat by Notre Dame on Saturday. Navy only had two drives in the first half. One resulted in a touchdown, the other ended in a punt, as the offense got themselves behind the sticks with a sack on a 1st […]

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