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You Need Midline Triple Against Double Eagle

One of the many questions I’m asked seemingly at least once a week is, “what defense gives you the most trouble?” Here are some thoughts on practice scenarios and game planning. A few  defenses that coaches shudder to see are either the 3-3 defense or 5-3 defense, especially 5-3 double eagle defenses. We didn’t see […]

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The Beginnings of the Chess Analogy

I like chess. I’m not all that good at it though. I understand the rules, I have a vague understanding of strategy, but if I play against a skilled player I don’t have a chance. Between producing materials for the Flexbone Association Academy and reading about the unfolding events in Ukraine, I got to thinking about […]

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The Eagle Adjustment to Counter Option

As discussed on this site previously, Counter Option is a basic staple of the Flexbone Offense. Counter Option is to be run when the backside linebacker is making the tackle on the dive phase of Triple Option. There will be occasions throughout the year however when the Backside Linebacker is running to the playside, but Counter Option […]

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Here is Just a Sample

This is a small sample (3:30 minutes of 45 minutes of Module Three) of what the Flexbone Association Academy is — the most comprehensive Triple Option Flexbone Offense learning tool devised for the marketplace. No aspect of the offense will be left uncovered. In over 40 hours of instruction (video, practice film, game film, diagrams) you […]

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Why I Don’t Like Clinics, and You Shouldn’t Either

This past weekend I went to the Nike Coach of the Year Clinic in Atlanta with my good friends Robert and Alan Ingram, along with the rest of Robert’s staff. After sitting in traffic inexplicably near the Georgia state line for almost two and a half hours, I finally made it to metro Atlanta at […]

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Flexbone Association December Mailbag

I am a little late in posting this one, in fact I’ll be able to put up the January mailbag here pretty soon as well. Here are the mailbag responses from November. I’ll will provide as concise answers as possible. Question One – From Utah – …..Against a 4-4 with two 2is two tight 5s […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Mesh

Plain and simple the traditional ride and decide mesh from option days past is detrimental to your teams offensive performance. Similar to the decision to run the Flexbone offense from the Pistol, the decision to ride and decide rather than use the point mesh is a decision that falls wholly on the coach. For many […]

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