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If you missed it last week, I had a chance to answer some questions for Morgan Moriarty at SB Nation on the Flexbone Offense.    Triple-option plays are part of basically every college and pro offense these days, assuming you count RPOs, even as old-school ‘bone formations remain rarities. But what about at the high […]

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Don’t Just Because You Can

I’ve been running this offense for a number of years, been a proponent of it for longer, and have spoken with coaches about it’s implementation for a number of years.  I’ll start the article with an aside then get into what I really want to write about.  Invariably the conversation always comes down to “how […]

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Teaching Your Quarterback to Read the Stack / Area Read

In two previous articles on the site, I’ve been able to ask both former Georgia Tech quarterback Josh Nesbitt and former Navy quarterback Ricky Dobbs how to read the stack. The Nesbitt article is here, and the Dobbs article here. Both of them have essentially said the same thing.  The issue is the trust level of […]

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What Are They Doing in the Secondary?

There are only so many things a defense can do in the secondary to stop you, while maintaining integrity against both Triple Option and Play-Action Pass.  Cover Two – Safeties Deeper than 9 Yards What this means on Triple Option – You have to switch block the perimeter because the CB is more dangerous by […]

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Weekly Coaching Responsibilities

Here are some weekly coaching responsibilities I did not have time to go over in my clinic speech at the Nike Coach of the Year Clinic in Atlanta this past weekend. All of this is part of the Flexbone Association Academy Head Coach Quarterbacks/B-Backs Coach Offensive Line Coach A-Backs Coach Wide Receivers Coach     […]

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Playing Against the Flexbone Triple Option Is No Fun

As I’ve written here numerous times before, playing against this offense isn’t “fun”. It is nothing like what your opponents see everyday in practice. This gives you a tremendous advantage on Friday nights, and is just one of the many reasons to take a look at the Flexbone Association Academy this off-season. The very sound […]

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Good Luck to Rice Lake!

Good luck to the Rice Lake Warriors playing in today’s Division 3 State Championship game in Wisconsin. Rice Lake is a Flexbone Association Academy client this season; and scored 472 points so far this season. Here is an article leading up to the game: Wisconsin Lutheran is the favorite to beat Rice Lake and win […]

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