How Long Have You Been Doing This?: I founded the Flexbone Association in 2007. We started simply with the introduction of a website and clinics, then player camps, followed by team camps, and the Flexbone Association Academy. These concepts are all original ideas of myself personally. Therefore if you don’t see my name attached to the material, it’s not authentic to myself or this business. You are witnessing a mere imitation of the original. 

How Much Does a Flexbone Association Academy Camp Cost?: Camp costs will depend on the location of your camp, and the cost of travel to your location. Camps in the Eastern or Central Time Zones will cost $1495. Exceptions will be made if extreme travel is required from Georgia.  If you are in the Mountain or Pacific Time Zones your camp cost will be $1995. Camps with over 50 players are available on a limited basis, and subject to additional cost. This cost is in addition to the cost of the Flexbone Association Academy.

How is my Flexbone Association Camp Structured? For simplicity sake, each camp is structured on your players receiving two practice sessions per day of a maximum of two hours each. The first day usually runs a little longer than the following two days. A sample schedule is as follows:

Day One – Practice 10-12 (Triple Option), Meal Break 12-1, Practice 1-3 (Triple Option/Zone Dive/Triple Pass)

Day Two – Practice 10-12 (Midline Option/Midline Triple), Meal Break 12-1, Practice 1-3 (Counter Iso)

Day Three – Practice 10-12 (Counter Option/Sprint Pass) , Meal Break 12-1, Practice 1-2 (Extended Team Session)

When Do You Run the Camps?: Most camps are run in June and July, but special arrangements can sometimes be made to run them other times of the year.

Do I Receive a Consultation for My Coaches at the Camp? Yes, but the purpose of the camp is to instruct your players and coaches on the field. Consultation time is limited in a camp setting. We do offer the option of doing an advanced consultation only depending on your individual circumstances.

What Will My Players and Coaches Get Out of the Camp? Your coaches will gain access to the Flexbone Association Academy camp system, which will equip, you, your players and your program with a systematic approach to offensive football. A system that has been developed and perfected over a four year period and delivered to you in person. Here are just a handful of teams who have achieved immediate success after conducting their own Flexbone Association Camp.

Who Will Be My Camp Director?: If I do not run your camp personally from successful college or high school programs.

Why Should I Commit to This Offense and the Flexbone Association?: Here is Why.

I Can Get All This for So Little?: Yes, just like over 100 schools and coaches have in the last four years.

Can I Get Started Right Now? Yes, I can begin consulting with you immediately upon receiving a signed contract.

How Can I Contact You?: Click Here


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