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The Five-Day Installation of the Flexbone Offense

Coaches, one of our Division 1 Flexbone Schools shared this Installation with the Flexbone Association a few years ago. This is a five-day installation plan on installing the Flexbone Offense. Keep in mind that an install=two offensive practices on that day. Installation Core Values 1. Keep it simple. 2. Focus on individual fundamentals within each […]

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Offensive Line Basics: Base Blocks

Coaches, this is how the Paul Johnson family of coaches teach the base block, which is taught at your 2013 Flexbone Association State Championship Football Camp. ________________________________ 1. Zone Step a. Over and up step–6 inches b. Drive backside knee to the playside knee c. Chest must be over the knee ________________________________ 2. 2-steps a. 2nd […]

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Army to Throw More

What will it take for coach Jeff Monken and his team to turn around the program? Why is this Army team going to be different than most of those in the past two decades? Most of Army’s freshmen weren’t born the last time Army experienced major success by going 10-2 in 1996. The Black Knights, […]

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