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Newcomer Navy bringing triple trouble to AAC

Despite the friendly smiles football coaches shared with each other between bites of lobster during the annual American Athletic Conference media day dinner, they understood their new peer, Navy coach Ken Niumatalolo, plans on bringing something to the table they’re not quite ready to stomach; the triple-option offense. “It requires such precision, such technique and […]

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Why Paul Johnson Still Runs Option and Why it Still Works

ATLANTA – Contrary to rumor, Paul Johnson’s office overlooking Bobby Dodd Stadium is not hewn out of rock. There are no cave drawings on the walls. He does not come to work at Georgia Tech wearing a Fred Flintstone animal skin. How far will Paul Johnson’s option offense take the Yellow Jackets this season? (Getty) […]

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Teaching Your Quarterback to Read the Stack / Area Read

In two previous articles on the site, I’ve been able to ask both former Georgia Tech quarterback Josh Nesbitt and former Navy quarterback Ricky Dobbs how to read the stack. The Nesbitt article is here, and the Dobbs article here. Both of them have essentially said the same thing.  The issue is the trust level of […]

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What Motivates You: Mastery

As a husband, father, coach, teacher and business owner, I am always looking for ways to improve. I’m sure you are as well, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. A book I heard about several months ago, and finally decided to pick up during the Christmas break is Drive by Daniel Pink. The premise of the […]

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Flexbone Half-Roll Passing Game Protection

Half roll protection is when the backfield action mimics the Sprint Out series, but the Offensive Line blocks similar to regular play action protection. The PSG and PST are aggressive in their protection. We try to have them attack the DL if they are covered. They need to form a wall frontside, because the QB […]

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Navy’s Offense Remains Unique in American Conference

“From the Capital Gazette” One of the looming questions surrounding Navy’s entrance into a league involves the triple-option. More specifically, the uniqueness of the option. As an independent, Navy’s schedule was constantly changing with opponents coming and going. Service academy rivals Air Force and Army along with traditional opponent Notre Dame are the only schools […]

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Five Quick Questions on the Flexbone

  Here are five questions coaches constantly have about the Flexbone and Triple Option Offense. Today, we provide you with quick answers. 1. When do you run Rocket Toss? A: Coach Johnson says to run Rocket Toss when the widest playside inside linebacker blitzes or if the D-gap player collisions the tackle as he tries […]

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