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Georgia Tech – Florida State Headlines

Why Florida State should be leery of Georgia Tech 

GT comes into Saturday’s game as the most efficient team in the country converting on third down, gaining first downs 57.3 percent of the time – 85-of-148 attempts on the year. ~ As I mentioned yesterday on Twitter

………..The Yellow Jackets, on the other side, have done well in this department with a plus-11 turnover margin, gaining 27 and only losing 16. If GT wants to take down FSU, they’ll have to win this battle Saturday night.

…………….FSU has struggled at times with the run this year, while GT has gathered over 4,000 yards on the ground. If GT wants to win this game, it’ll have to gain every bit of its 333.83 yards per game average this year

 Johnson Takes Pride in the Triple-Option Offense

 “Not bad for a high-school offense,” the Georgia Tech coach quipped to a reporter.

……….He is confident to the point of arrogance, prickly at times, and sure doesn’t mind sparring a bit with those who take issue with that triple-option offense.

“Why do I poke back after being poked at for 30 years?” he said, breaking into a sly grin and mockingly answering his own question. “I have no idea.”

……….Johnson is defiant toward those who say his beloved offensive scheme is out of touch with the modern football world, who claim he’ll never be able land a bunch of A-list recruits when he insists on using a system that doesn’t translate to the NFL.

“People are going to say what they want to say. I have a whole body of work,” Johnson said. “I’ve been a head coach for 18 years. Fourteen of those 18 years, my teams have won their division or their conference. If that’s not good enough, I guess it’s not good enough. I’ll let someone else make that decision. At times, I like to have some fun and poke back. But I’m past the defending stage. People can figure it out on their own.”

With Doubts as Fuel, Johnson Drive Georgia Tech

“VanGorder had made some comments that he didn’t think too highly of the offense, and Paul called me up and said, ‘I need to talk to (athletics director) Sam (Baker) and get Georgia Southern on the schedule,'” Inman said. “I said, ‘Why do you want to play us?’ And he said, ‘Because I want to beat the hell out of Brian VanGorder.’ “

………….Though it’s a bit of a longshot, a win could sneak Georgia Tech and its old-school triple option into the College Football Playoff. Even with a loss, the Yellow Jackets are probably headed to the Orange Bowl. No matter what happens, another season of exceeding expectations is in the books, and a contract extension is on the way.

…………..”There are things Paul harbors, I believe, from years ago that still grate on him,” Navy athletics director Chet Gladchuk said. “The thought that his offense wouldn’t work at Navy or that it wouldn’t work at Georgia Tech was all he needed. When there’s a disbelief in his ability to deliver, Paul has got a fuse about him that takes him to another level.”

……………..”When I listened to commentators on TV or fans at Georgia Tech, I’m amazed at how they continue to question what a great coach they have. To me it’s laughable,” said Tracy Ham, Johnson’s first big-time option quarterback as offensive coordinator at Georgia Southern, who is now an assistant athletic director at the school.

……………. Jimbo Fisher won’t get asked this week about whether his offense works, but (Johnson) still has to answer for it as if his offense is under attack. The numbers defend themselves.”

How do the Noles Stop Georgia Tech’s Triple Option

“Everybody wants a magical defense that you’re going to run against Georgia Tech, but there isn’t one,” FSU coach Jimbo Fisher said. “You’ve got to take on a blocker and beat him. You have to be sound in what you do, and make tackles.”

………..And life is easier (in some respects) if a defense faces a dropback passer.

…………But if Georgia Tech is able to run, and convert on third down, the Yellow Jackets may pull off the upset that no team has been able to achieve this season.

Bruising B-Backs are a Force in Georgia Tech’s Triple Option

Photo: USA TODAY Sports: Dale Zanine

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One Comment on “Georgia Tech – Florida State Headlines”

  1. Tim Clark December 4, 2014 at 1:13 PM #

    I love it, listen to all who complain about this offense. As a high school coach I have been running an option attack for over thirty years and we win a whole lot more than we lose. Football is a team game and this is the perfect team offense. Go Jackets beat the Seminoles. Go Navy see ya in Baltimore!

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