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How Google Can Help You

I am often asked, “why don’t you write as much in the off-season”. Well the answer is fairly simple. The prime time to stimulate an audience is during the actual football season or immediately before or after (August to February really). Very few coaches burn the candle at both ends 12-months a year, thus readership […]

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Flexbone Triple Option 101

Quarterback Actions 1. The Quarterback will snap his eyes to #1 on the snap of the ball. 2. His first two steps will be a hop 6 inches behind his playside heel. 3. Get the first two steps down quickly and point the ball. 4. Give the ball to the B-back unless #1 can tackle […]

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You Need Midline Triple Against Double Eagle

One of the many questions I’m asked seemingly at least once a week is, “what defense gives you the most trouble?” Here are some thoughts on practice scenarios and game planning. A few  defenses that coaches shudder to see are either the 3-3 defense or 5-3 defense, especially 5-3 double eagle defenses. We didn’t see […]

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