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The Eagle Adjustment to Counter Option

As discussed on this site previously, Counter Option is a basic staple of the Flexbone Offense. Counter Option is to be run when the backside linebacker is making the tackle on the dive phase of Triple Option. There will be occasions throughout the year however when the Backside Linebacker is running to the playside, but Counter Option […]

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The Next Time Someone Tells You High School Football Doesn’t Matter

If you’ve been around here long enough, you know that from time to time I write about more than the Flexbone. I often write about knowledge gleaned from ancient classics, to business and psychological works. What drives me wild is when I hear either directly, or indirectly that high school football doesn’t matter in the big […]

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X and O Labs Midline Article

I submitted this short article to X and O Labs to include in their option survey. Mike Kuchar asked me to submit a formation package and the advantage it gives us on either midline or triple. Last week I wrote about some very basic purposes of utilizing different formations. Changing formations can give you an advantage […]

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Greenwood High School, KY (Assistant Coaches Needed)

Greenwood (KY) Is looking for assistant coaches. Chris Seabolt has run camps for me in the past, and I consider him a great friend. He’d be a great guy to work with. Greenwood High School located in Bowling Green Kentucky is looking for offensive assistant coaches for the upcoming season. We are a 5A school […]

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When to Run Trap

A quality Flexbone coordinator has to understand how plays fit together. The Flexbone is a system offense. You need to have Counter Option in your arsenal. There are two adjustments that you need to have to be sure you can effectively run Counter Option.  One is the Eagle adjustment, the other is Trap.  We often […]

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Don’t Enable Your Quarterback

 Make your Quarterback run the Triple Option and Midline Triple Option. You and your Quarterback have to be comfortable with this player being responsible for two defenders on each and every snap. It does take time to work. Executing Triple Option on Friday’s requires hours of work before hand. If you aren’t comfortable investing this much time in […]

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Here is Just a Sample

This is a small sample (3:30 minutes of 45 minutes of Module Three) of what the Flexbone Association Academy is — the most comprehensive Triple Option Flexbone Offense learning tool devised for the marketplace. No aspect of the offense will be left uncovered. In over 40 hours of instruction (video, practice film, game film, diagrams) you […]

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