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As rated by number of hits (Click for Links) Your Quarterback and the Decision Making Process: Understanding the Perimeter (7-Man Fronts with Soft Corners) – January 8th Three Requirements of a Flexbone Team – January 10th So You Want to be the Best Triple Option Coach in the Nation – January 16th The Art of […]

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Coach Niumatalolo 2009 WFCA Clinic Notes

 Keys to a Successful Offense (1) an identity – this is the same offense we ran in 1987 at Hawaii (2) a “philosophy  –          run the ball –          control the clock (time of possession – we want opponent to have 8 series max) –          pass for big plays (throw it over their heads) –          have […]

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Common Coaching Errors and How to Avoid Them

By:  Bud Wilkinson (Winner of 47 straight games & several National Championships at Oklahoma in the 1950’s) GENERAL COMMENTS:  The best coach is the one who makes the fewest mistakes; the one who does the best teaching job; the one who is the best organizer.  Writing the X’s & O’s is not the most important […]

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75% of the Run Game is Four Plays

Ashley Ingram, Navy Centers and Guards Coach stated at the 2011 Navy Football Coaches Clinic that 75 percent of the Flexbone Offense and 75 percent of practice time needs to be dedicated to four plays.  Those four plays are Triple Option, Midline Option, Zone Dive, and Counter Option.  Coach Ingram stated that the Triple Option is a play […]

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Flexbone Formations: Use a Little Trips to Run Midline

Trips Midline Rules PSWR – Stalk PS A-Back (Middle Receiver) – Stalk PS A-Back – Lead through B-gap, block 2nd level threat to safety PST – High Pressure Control PSG – Veer to PSLB to BSLB C- Base-Reverse Ace BSG- Short Scoop-Reverse Ace; BST- Scoop BSWR- Cutoff QB –  Read #1 B-Back- Midline track Trips […]

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Navy Performance Markers

Previously at the Navy Football Coaches Clinic, Ivin Jasper, Navy Offensive Coordinator, laid the Blueprint for Success to guest coaches.  He did a Powerpoint presentation exclaiming that if football programs want to have an offense like Navy’s, they must accomplish the following four goals every game: 1. Win the Time of Possession #1 in the […]

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Leverage Pitching

There is a better method for executing the 2nd phase of the triple option. First, let me ask this, how many times you have heard the following phrase. “If you run Flexbone, your quarterback takes too many hits, he’s going to get injured, and now your best player is sitting on the bench.” I have […]

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