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Could Smelter Destroy the Receiver Myth Yet Again?

Georgia Tech loves to run, run, run.

Even so, the Yellow Jackets keep turning out NFL-quality receivers.

Demaryius Thomas. Stephen Hill. And now, another unlikely candidate from the triple-option — DeAndre Smelter, who only joined the football team this season after three years playing baseball for the Jackets.

The 6-foot-3, 220-pound junior has made several eye-opening catches and may just have the skills to follow Thomas and Hill to the NFL if he keeps improving his fundamentals at such a rapid rate.

“I’m definitely surprised at the level I’m playing at,” said Smelter, who leads Georgia Tech with numbers that sound modest — 19 catches for 312 yards and two touchdowns — until one considers how much this team runs the ball.

……………“It’s a great offense for wide receivers,” coach Paul Johnson said, repeating a refrain he often uses on people who think his scheme is out-of-date in today’s pass-happy game. “You don’t get double-covered. You get one-on-ones with nobody underneath. You learn all the basic skills and fundamentals you need to be a good player on the next level.”

While Georgia Tech’s receivers may not run the same complex routes that other schools use, they certainly become more adept at blocking in the run game — an intangible many NFL teams look for beyond the usual pass-catching and route-running skills.

“I think you become a complete player,” Johnson said.

…………….“I knew I wasn’t going to get many passes, but I knew I’d have a lot of big plays,” Thomas said. “And Stephen Hill came actually with the triple option, and the same way with him. I guess it’s just about big plays.”

……………“There’s definitely room for success in this offense,” Smelter said. “A lot of people just look at receiving from a catch-and-run standpoint. But there’s a lot of stuff that goes into it. There are a lot of good receivers, like Brandon Marshall in the NFL, who are great at run blocking.”

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Photo: AP /John Bazemore

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