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Founder and Owner of the Flexbone Association. Since 2007 we have provided the tools necessary for teams to succeed running the Flexbone Association System. Over the last ten years over 200 teams have been instructed by the Flexbone Association. I've consulted with teams and or run camps everywhere from Belfair, WA to Key West, FL. The Flexbone Association strives daily to help coaches succeed with this time tested offense, I have been a football coach for 16 seasons, currently at Harrison High School in Kennesaw, GA I played at St. Mary's Springs High School in Fond du Lac, WI under legendary head coach Bob Hyland. I've been fortunate to be part of five state championship teams (1997,1998,2002,2011,2012). In 2011-2012 St. Mary's Springs led the state of Wisconsin in scoring and set consecutive school records for points scored, Psalm 27

Flexbone Association Joshua Nesbitt Interview

This is a June 2011 Interview with Georgia Tech Quarterback, Joshua Nesbitt and the Flexbone Association.

Joshua Nesbitt was Georgia Tech’s starting quarterback from 2008-2010.  In 2010, Joshua lead Georgia Tech to the nation’s #1 rushing offense (323 yards/game).


josh-nesbittWhat are the biggest QB coaching points on Triple Option?

Josh Nesbitt: Quarterback’s must learn how to step—their eyes must be in the right place—the quarterback must give himself time to read #1 and #2 at the same time.  The quarterback is always reading the area.  The quarterback needs to do this so he can see everything!  Get your steps down—get your eyes in the right place—if #1 takes the dive, pull ball and get downhill fast!

What are the biggest QB coaching points on Midline Double Option?

Josh Nesbitt: Patience!  The quarterback must make sure his feet and hands are quick.  Read #1 carefully—be patient with reading #1!

What are the biggest QB coaching points on Counter Option?

Josh Nesbitt: Know where the pitch key is (#2).  Be quick with the footwork and the pivot; however, recognize #2 immediately!

What are the biggest QB coaching points on Triple Pass?

Josh Nesbitt: Quarterbacks must begin to look at the safeties when they come out of the huddle, and know how the safeties will rotate.  Throw to the playside A-back if the safety doesn’t backpedal.

What are your three favorite passes you threw throughout your playing career?

Josh Nesbitt: Rocket Pass- (same routes as Triple Pass).  I like all half-roll pass/run options.  The best routes to throw off half-roll are smash routes and outside comeback routes.

What is your thought process when reading the stack on Triple?

Josh Nesbitt: Read the area!  Expect the Easy Stunt FIRST!  See both guys at the same time.  Play what you see.  Yes, you must read #1 and #2 all the time at the high school level!  You can do anything with enough work!  Read the stack at the high school level!  Put in enough work doing it!

Did you find it difficult to run Midline as a triple option?

Josh Nesbitt: No it was not.  The play is the same as triple option except the reads come faster! Be patient on read, though!  React off 1st read—get footwork down and react!

What were your favorite running plays?

Josh Nesbitt: Counter Option, Counter Speed Option, and QB Follow (Solid Rebel) on the Goal-line.  We ran Counter Speed Option in 2008-2009 to get the ball in Jonathan Dwyer’s hands.  I liked the play because it’s about getting the ball outside—it’s one read and go!  Get around the block and get downhill.

What is the most important thing you learned about playing the quarterback position from Coach Johnson?

Josh Nesbitt: No matter how bad the game is going, the game can turn around at any moment.  It takes one play to turn the game around—be patient!  Also, know you are going to take a hit, get up when you get hit, and live with getting hit!

nesbittroarWhat is Coach Johnson’s biggest point of emphasis in executing the offense?

Josh Nesbitt: Do your job!  Only do your job!  Worry about your job!

Coach, as of the end of 2012, here is the breakdown of the main concepts (80% of the offense) college Flexbone schools are utilizing and why:

Triple– The default to the offense.

Midline Triple– vs. 3 tech.

Lead– vs. 3 tech w #4 outside the box.

Zone Option– Cannot block the action key and/or the playside inside on triple/midline triple/lead.

Toss– Versus playside inside blitz.

Solid Rebel– Short-yardage concept to get an extra blocker involved.

Counter Option– Cannot block the backside inside on triple/midline triple/lead.

Zone Dive– Versus blood scrape with two safeties (Navy rule).

Triple Pass– Safety flies up on triple/midline triple/lead.

Toss Pass– safety flies up on toss.

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