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Founder and Owner of the Flexbone Association. Since 2007 we have provided the tools necessary for teams to succeed running the Flexbone Association System. Over the last ten years over 200 teams have been instructed by the Flexbone Association. I've consulted with teams and or run camps everywhere from Belfair, WA to Key West, FL. The Flexbone Association strives daily to help coaches succeed with this time tested offense, I have been a football coach for 16 seasons, currently at Harrison High School in Kennesaw, GA I played at St. Mary's Springs High School in Fond du Lac, WI under legendary head coach Bob Hyland. I've been fortunate to be part of five state championship teams (1997,1998,2002,2011,2012). In 2011-2012 St. Mary's Springs led the state of Wisconsin in scoring and set consecutive school records for points scored, Psalm 27

Why Over Green is a Great Formation

One of the most basic formations in the Flexbone Offense is the Over formation. What this formation does is place both receivers on the line of scrimmage on the same side of the formation (as shown below)



Although this is a great formation, it does have some limitations. The purpose of running over is so you are able to get a blocker on the free safety, most often against 8-man fronts. It also tends to widen the alley player just a bit to the two receiver side. This had the added benefit in an 8-man front of often being the pitch key. This formation allows you to get a man on the free safety and to widen the pitch key for the quarterback. It also gives you the added benefit, although a secondary benefit, of allowing you to be able to crack the alley player (usually an OLB) when running toss, rather than trying to have either the slot or offensive tackle to reach him.

Against poor opponents, this formation is good for maybe four to five plays before they attempt some sort of adjustment. Against good teams, they will give you maybe one play, or they will have you scouted and have a preset alignment against this look. The first adjustment defenses usually employ is to bump the CB back to the short side, to slide the free safety to the over side and in most cases to walk the OLB out toward the covered receiver. In some cases even outside of that covered receiver. If they walk the outside linebacker outside the covered receiver, that takes rocket toss away from you. It does give you a nice alley to run the QB in however. There are some things a good defense could still do and not necessarily lose to this look. One of our first adjustments to a defense walking the OLB out is to run Over (LT/RT) Green (Seen Below)

Over Green


The purpose of running this formation is simple. It uncovers that covered receiver. It forces the defense to treat him as a pass receiving threat. What this also does is it allows you to run 12/13 (triple option) to the over side. Now the defense cant mug that covered receiver or place two defenders outside of him. It puts him in a much more dangerous position to the defense. It also compliments your sprint out passing game as well because it puts the A-Back on the right side, on the line, which can facilitate his position to pass protect.

How will this formation help you the rest of the season? Put this in, and watch the defense scramble to line up. It will help your offense. The best of the Flexbone Association is still to come. In the next article I will show you why Over Brown is a great complimentary formation just like Over Green.

The Flexbone Association Academy® will launch in the spring with new features and a new delivery format. Stay tuned for more information!

Photo: Gail Burton (AP)

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  1. Why Over Brown is a Great Formation | Flexbone Association - October 15, 2013

    […] In a previous post, I wrote about what Over Green is a Great Formation. Over (LT/RT) Green gives you a number of advantages. I like the formation especially against a 4-4 defense. Changing formations is especially effective against 8-man fronts rather than 7-man fronts. Eventually those 8-man fronts will realize they are outnumbered against Over Green. Running 12 (triple option) to Over Green gives you a tremendous advantage (see below). Even running this to the 3-technique gives you numerical superiority. It guarantees that the box is sealed and #3 is accounted for, which can prove problematic against a 4-4 defense. […]

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